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銆��At 5:00 PM on April 28, 2009, although exceeded the scheduled ending time of conference, the discussion in the International Arbitration Court of Beijing Arbitration Commission was still heated, the speakers and the attendees either communicated with each other directly in English, or by means of simultaneous interpretation equipment to communicate on any subject of mutual interests. The Seminar on Issue of International Construction Contract Management jointly hosted by BJAC and Chinese European Arbitration Center drew a satisfactory conclusion in such warm atmosphere.

銆��As an institution that has been devoted to the dispute prevention and dispute resolution and research in the field of construction projects, BJAC is always very concerned about the spreading and dissemination in China of advanced experience and practices in international construction field. With Chinese construction enterprises constantly moved forward to the overseas market, the training for knowledge, practices and experience of international construction contract management has became more and more important. The joint held 鈥淪eminar on Issue of International Construction Contract Management鈥�is just another important content of works in this respect this time.

銆��Chinese European Arbitration Center is an international institution composed by Hamburg Bar Association (An official mission on behalf of more than 7,000 lawyers), Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (on behalf of the company established in Hamburg, an official mission that has been regarded as the Hamburg-Beijing Mediation Center for more than 20 years) and the outstanding lawyers and law firms coming from all over the world, providing arbitration services for the parties in China, Europe and other regions around the world. The founding members of Chinese European Arbitration Center include many well-known large-scale international law firms, of which include Clifford Chance that has enjoyed high reputation in the field of global constructional engineering legal services, and? four in five key speakers of this seminar are from Clifford Chance.

銆��At the opening ceremony speeches of this seminar, the secretary general of BJAC and the second vice chairman and secretary general of Chinese European Law Association, Mrs.Hongsong Wang, and Mr. Thomas Weimann, the copartner of Clifford Chance gave simple introductions to BJAC and the central situation respectively, and expressed the desire of two institutions鈥�further cooperation in the field of international construction legal services. The seminar was presided over by the senior arbitrator of BJAC 鈥�Dr. Zhaohang, at the one-day conference, Tim Steadman, Cameron Hassall, Matthew Buchanan, and Michael Kremer from Clifford Chance and Chairman of Association 鈥�Eckart Brodermann made wonderful speeches respectively themed with 鈥淔orefront Issues of EPC Contract鈥� 鈥淒B Dispute Review/Adjudication Team鈥� 鈥淒elay, Disruption and Expediting鈥�and 鈥淩isk Management of Foreign Law鈥� The rich explanatory contents and advanced practical experience in the international construction field made every attendees benefit a lot, the explanatory ways? emphasized on interaction also enabled the attendees and speakers can have a very good communication at any time, thus to ensure the effect of the seminar.

銆��There are more than 100 people have participated in the seminar, including arbitrators, lawyers, the principal of large-scale construction enterprises and professional researchers, in the suggestion feedback forms collected after the seminar, most of the attendees expressed that the contents of seminar are very exciting and useful, and hoped that we can be able to hold more similar activities in future.
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Editor: Qiujun Jiang