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銆�� In 28th April 2009, the co-sponsored meeting, International Construction Contract Management Seminar, by BJAC and Chinese-European Arbitration Center held in BJAC鈥檚 international meeting room. This meeting attended by BJAC arbitrators, lawyers, consultants of large scale of construction enterprises, in total about a hundred people attending. Please refer to the Focuses for details.

銆�� From April 25 to April 27, 2009, the training center of China Law Society held 鈥淪pecial Lecture on State-owned Assets Assignment and Financial Claims Protection and Financial Dispute Trial of Financial Enterprises鈥�in Hangzhou. The conference discussed the issues of how to guard against and defuse financial risks, how to ensure financial security, how to improve the efficiency of financial market, etc. in the context of the financial crisis. Judges Zhang Xuemei and Wuqingbao from the Second Chamber of the Supreme People鈥檚 Court made speeches respectively on the conference by taking 鈥淟egal Issues on Disposal of Financial Non-performing Assets 鈥� Combined with the Judicial Interpretations established by the Supreme People鈥檚 Court鈥�and 鈥淎nalysis on the Practical Main Points of Financial Cases Trial and Risk Control against Law of Financial Claims鈥�as the titles.

銆�� In 23 April, 2009, the Central South Arbitration Working Conference was held in the city of Zhangjiajie. Main topic of this conference was about the development methods in arbitration works in this area, as well as preparing the arbitration working plans for 2009.

銆�� From 15 April till 16 April, 2009, the International Arbitration Conference was held in HK which was organized by the law department of HK City University. This conference invited the legal and administration department of HK special administration area, expert legal group, and representatives of legal institutes all around 20 persons world widely. During this meeting, they exchanged the ideas of mediation development, and discussed how to improve the mediation services in HK during its legal reform procedure.

 銆�� China Arbitration Network released the situations of cases accepted by national arbitration institutions in 2008, which showed that the 202 arbitration institutions totally accepted 65,074 cases in 2008, and the total subject matter amount is 102.1 billion Yuan, where there are 37 arbitration institutions that accepted more than 500 cases, and there are 14 arbitration institutions that the subject matter amount of cases accepted are over one billion Yuan. BAC accepted 2,057 cases in 2008 and ranked the third in China, while the subject matter amount of cases is 8.68 billion Yuan and ranked the second in China.

銆�� The 8th Arbitrators Training Course opened in Tsinghua University during 11,12,18 and 19 April, 2009. The series of courses were co-organized by BJAC and the training center of Tsinghua University Law Department. During this course, the attending 57 students have learnt about 鈥渢he career culture of arbitrators鈥� 鈥渢he understanding and applying of arbitration rules鈥� 鈥渋mprovement of arbitration procedure鈥� 鈥渕ediation in arbitration鈥�and 鈥渏udgment logic of arbitrators鈥� etc.

銆�� From March 30 to April 1, 2009, the 鈥�009 Work Symposium on the National Arbitration鈥�convened by Legal Affairs office of the State Council has been held in Beijing, the responsible persons from 58 National Arbitration Institutions attended the conference. The conference summarized the working conditions of national arbitration in 2008, and conducted keynote speeches and review speeches on ten topics, such as socialism arbitration concept, strengthening the infrastructure work of arbitration basis, arbitration conciliation, arbitration invitation, automatic fulfillment mechanism of arbitral award, recruitment of arbitrators, appointment of presiding arbitrator, professional construction of arbitration staff and organizational development of arbitration commission, etc.

Editor: Ms. Qiuju Jiang, Mr. Jiechao Zhang