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Main Structure of the Buildings of “Hope Primary School” in Sichuan Province Funded by BAC have been Completed

     According to the sources from Educational Sports Bureau of Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province and relevant construction units, the main structure of the buildings of “Hope Primary School” funded by BAC has been completed, which was inspected and approved by the supervisors and the school. Thanks to the successful progress, the whole project is expected to be completed by this Spring Festival.

     As early as the second day of the Wenchuan Earthquake, BAC issued an “Endowment Proposal” to call on the staff and arbitrators of BAC to donate money to the disaster areas. By May 21st, BAC had raised 1,054,429.66 Yuan and 200 US dollars. Many of them came from arbitrators from Taiwan, Korea, US, France and Germany. Many arbitrators who were giving lectures in other cities or foreign countries also sent the donations to BAC through different channels when they heard the news. May 21st BAC determined to donate 150 thousand and 100 thousand Yuan to Arbitration Commissions of Mianyang and Deyang respectively that were heavily hit by the earthquake. BAC maintained close connections with the arbitration institutions in disaster areas and helped them go through this hard period. Finally, BAC determined to use all other funds in the restoration and reconstruction of the buildings of the schools in disaster areas and ensure the quality of the buildings.

     BAC entrusted Deyang and Mianyang Arbitration Commissions with communicating with local educational authorities for reconstruction matters. With the great support of Mianyang Arbitration Commission, and according to local educational planning, BAC signed “Donation Agreement” with Educational Sports Bureau of Jiangyou City and Yiangyou Red Cross on August 6th, 2008 to fund the reconstruction of Yuguancun Primary School, Sanhe Town, Jiangyou City. Through recommendation and selection of arbitrators of BAC in construction and engineering field, the three parties appointed Beijing Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd as the construction party responsible for the reconstruction project. As a national outstanding construction enterprise, Beijing Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd has good reputation as well as strong abilities in management and technology. After the signing of the agreement, BAC actively fulfilled its obligation. So far BAC has appropriated funds for 845,327.46 Yuan on schedule. BAC focuses on the progress of the project all along, and organizes arbitrators to offer consultation and assistance for solving the problems faced by the reconstruction project. So far the project has been going well and is expected to be completed by this Spring Festival.

     (Jiang Lili)