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Communication and Cooperation

  In the afternoon on June 30th, 2008, a delegation comprising of teachers and students (30 members in total) from the Applied Literature and Science School of Beijing Union University visited the BAC for friendly communication. Director Peng Lisong received the guests in the function hall on the 16th Floor. First, he briefly introduced the history and the current status of the BAC, summarizing the BAC’s course of development and trends of arbitration. In the open dialogue session, teachers and students from Beijing Union University raised a lot of questions on topics such as the effectiveness of arbitration arrangements, selection and engagement of arbitrators, enforcement of the arbitral awards and the differences between theory and practice. Mr. Peng answered these questions one by one. The delegation then watched the BAC’s introductory video with the great interest, and followed with a tour of the BAC’s offices. After the visit, all the guests took a photo in the lobby. All of the students were very impressed and thankful to have received such great insight into the BAC and arbitration.

  This event is an example of the BAC’s goal to enhance perception and further the understanding of arbitration amongst university students across the country, and the world. These events also serve to promote the BAC amongst future lawyers and dispute resolution professionals.

(Zhang Jiechao)

   On July 2nd, 2008, a delegation comprising of four members from the Baotou Arbitration Commission paid a visit to the BAC. Secretary General Wang Hongsong warmly received the visitors. Both parties exchanged opinions on specific business issues such as the acceptance flow of arbitration cases, different means of delivery (post, email, etc.) and deadlines in arbitration procedures. Both parties also shared communication on the organization and management of arbitration commissions. After the meeting, the Baotou delegation took a tour of the BAC’s facilities.

(Peng Lisong)