Issue 7
(Oct, 10th, 2008)
Released by the Beijing Arbitration Commission

Executive Editors in Chief for this issue: Ms.Jiang Qiuju and Mr. Chen Liangyu

Members of the Newsletter Editorial Department (By number of strokes in Chinese): Mr. Ding Jianyong, Mr. Wang Xuequan,Mr. Wang Tong, Mr. Fang Jian,Ms. Kong Yuan, Mr. Liu Xinbo, Mr. Lv Xin, Mr. Zhang Haoliang, Mr. Chen Liangyu, Ms.Chen Xi, Mr. Zhou Hongzheng, Ms.Jiang Lili, Ms.Jiang Qiuju, Ms.Guxuan, Mr. Zhang Jiechao, and Ms.Peng Lisong.

Contact E-mail address of Editorial Department:

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