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Notice on the Tenth BAC Essay Competition on Commercial Arbitration for College Students

Publish time: 2022-4-13

The Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center (BAC) is a leading arbitration institution established subsequent to the promulgation of the PRC Arbitration Law. Since its establishment, BAC has remained true to the values of fairness, independence, professionalism, efficiency and excellence, and endeavored not only to provide parties with diversified dispute resolution services such as commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, commercial mediation and dispute review, but also to promote theoretical research, institutional innovation and cultivate talent in commercial dispute resolution in China.

Aiming at encouraging youth talent to learn about arbitration, study arbitration, and work in arbitration in the future, BAC will organize the Tenth BAC Essay Competition on Commercial Arbitration for College Students this year. Since it was first held in 2013, the Competition has been successfully held for nine sessions, and has attracted a significant number of college students. This competition is oriented toward students majoring in law from colleges both domestic and abroad, and the awards will be made fairly and impartially.

All students majoring in law are welcome to participate in this Competition.

For details of the Competition, please refer to the Program of the Tenth BAC Essay Competition for College Students (see attachment).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ms. MA Xiaoxiao, phone: +86 10 8565 9561, email:


Program of the Tenth BAC Essay Competition

on Commercial Arbitration for College Students

I. General Information

1. Organizer: Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center

2. Eligible participants: This Competition is oriented toward universities and colleges both domestic and abroad, and college students[1] are welcome to participate in the Competition.

3. Duration: Between March and September 2022. Please refer to part II on Schedulefor detailed time durations of different stages.

4. Features

The BAC Essay Competition on Commercial Arbitration for College Students benefits from the rich resources of BAC arbitrators and the professional journals and publishers in cooperation with the BAC. Based on extensive invitations, careful evaluation by experts, review in writing supplemented by oral defence, combination of theory and practice, and both financial and non-material rewards, the Competition emphasizes high academic standards from the professional evaluation expert team, which will ensure an impartial procedure and a fair outcome to the greatest extent possible.

5. Goals

BAC Essay Competition on Commercial Arbitration for College Students is a part of the BAC Youth Talent Program[2], which aims to encourage students majoring in law to learn about arbitration, and lay the foundation for more young professionals to become the driving-force of the arbitration industry. The Competition was first organized in 2013, and became an annual event following the idea of promoting arbitration culture and cultivating arbitration talent.

6. Topics

To participate in this Competition, authors are expected to write and submit essays focusing on substantive or procedural issues related to commercial arbitration, investment arbitration or other diversified alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Innovative and practical topics are especially welcome. Sample topics include but are not limited to the following:

1.Legal Safeguards in the Construction of Demonstration Areas of Expanded Opening-up of National Service and Pilot Free Trade Zonesand the Admission of Overseas Arbitration Institutions in Beijing;

2.Issues related to the Calculation of an Arbitrators Fee on the Basis of an Hourly Rate;

3.The theory and Practice of the Transfer of Procedural Leadership from Arbitration Institution to Arbitral Tribunal;

4.Anti-suit Injunctions in International Commercial Arbitration;

5.Analysis of New Developments in International Commercial Courts and the Judicial Review of Arbitration

6.Analysis of the Specific Rules of Exposure Draft of PRC Arbitration Law Amendment and Optimization Suggestions;

7.Service in International Arbitration;

8.The overlapping of Insolvency Proceedings and Arbitration Proceedings;

9.Arbitrability of the protection of Intellectual Property Rights;

10.Investment Arbitration Clauses in China-related Investment Agreements;

11.The Code of Conduct for Arbitrators in BAC International Investment Disputes;

12.Appellate Mechanisms in Investment Arbitration;

13.The Chinese Commercial Mediation System;

14.Application of Law in International Commercial Arbitration;

15.Modernization and Internationalization Trends in the Legislation and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration;

16.The Empirical Study of International Sports Arbitration;

17.The Predicament of the Chinese Sports Arbitration System and Suggestions for Improvement;

18.Innovation in and Construction of Smart Arbitration in the Context of Artificial Intelligence;

19.Thoughts and Suggestions on Building Better Arbitration Proceedings.

II. Schedule

1. Essay Submission (March 24 2022 July 20 2022)

1.1. Online Notice: Details of the Competition will be published on the BAC website, students majoring in law of colleges at home and abroad are thereby invited to participate in the Competition.

1.2. Essay Requirements:

 (1) Length: No less than 5,000 words, and in principle no more than 15,000 words.

 (2) The essay should meet the requirements raised in the submission guidelines and format requirements of Beijing Arbitration Quarterly (details can be found at, be submitted with an attached abstract of the main content or viewpoints of the essay of no more than 300 words and 3-5 keywords, in both Chinese and English. The author shall indicate in a footnote his/her college, grade, major, education background, direction of research, and mobile phone number.

 (3) Essays written in English are acceptable.

 (4) Co-authorship is not acceptable.

 (5) The essay submitted may not have been published in any way, and may not have received any funding from the BAC research fund or any award in any other competition. The author shall ensure the essay is in compliance with academic ethics, and shall be responsible for its originality and creativity.

1.3. Submission: Participants shall submit their essays meeting the above requirements via email to, and the e-document of the essays shall be named as follows: authors name+college+topic.

1.4. Final deadline for submission: July 20 2022.

2. Preliminary Evaluation (July 21 2022 August 5 2022)

2.1. Composition of preliminary evaluation panel: the preliminary evaluation panel shall be composed of members of the expert evaluation team.

2.2 Preliminary evaluation: the preliminary evaluation panel shall review all

essays submitted.

2.3. Preliminary evaluation decision: the preliminary evaluation panel shall, based on its preliminary review of all essays, recommend 30 outstanding essays for re-evaluation. The authors and the topics of the 30 essays shall be published on the BAC website.

3. Re-evaluation (August 6 2022 August 27 2022)

3.1. Composition of re-evaluation panel: the re-evaluation panel shall be composed of members of the expert evaluation team.

3.2. Re-evaluation: the re-evaluation panel shall review the 30 essays selected through the preliminary evaluation.

3.3. Re-evaluation decision: the re-evaluation panel shall, based on its review, select 15 out of the 30 essays selected through the preliminary evaluation for oral defence. The authors and the topics of the 15 essays shall be published on the BAC website.

4. Oral defence (August 28 2022 September 14 2022)

4.1. Composition of defence panel: the defence panel will be composed of members of the evaluation expert team.

4.2. Oral defence: the defence panel will hold oral defences and examine the authors of the 15 essays selected through re-evaluation.

5. Final evaluation (September 15 2022 September 21 2022)

5.1. Scores: The 15 essays selected in the re-evaluation will be given weighted scores based on the results of the re-evaluation and oral defence.

5.2. Decision on awards: decisions will be made on awards in the Competition according to the overall weighted scores of the 15 essays from highest to lowest. For details of the awards and prizes, please refer to Part III on Awards & Prizes.

5.3. The decisions on awards will be published on the BAC website and WeChat account.

6. Award ceremony (specific time be be notified separately)

An award ceremony will be hosted, where the winners will receive award certificates.

III. Award & Prizes

1. Awards and Prizes

1.1. Two First Prizes: awards of RMB8,000.

1.2. Three Second Prizes: awards of RMB5,000.

1.3. Five Third Prizes: awards of RMB2,000.

1.4. Five Honorable Prizes: awards of RMB1,000.

2. Other benefits

2.1. Publication opportunity: the winning essays, after necessary revision and editing, will have the opportunity to be published in the Beijing Arbitration Quarterly, and the authors will receive remuneration.

2.2. Internship opportunity: Authors of the winning essays will be offered priority for internship opportunities at the BAC.

IV. Miscellaneous

1. The essays will be judged in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality and objectivity. The evaluation panelists may judge the quality of the essays according to their own experience, with reference to the following standards,:

1.1. Whether the essay has a novel subject and is of academic or practical significance;

1.2. Whether the essay meets the requirements listed in Essay Collection(essays are expected to refer to original works and primary sources, give true clarification if any part of it is quoted from secondary sources, and make sure all the annotations are complete and objective when referring to othersviews, solutions, materials and data);

1.3. Whether the essay is well structured and carefully reasoned, as opposed to an introduction in a text-book style;

1.4. Whether the essay is written in clear and fluid legal language;

1.5. Whether the essay has logical clarity and clear views (without shoddy drafting, repetition and undue emphasis on length);

1.6. Whether the essays research methods and conclusions have academic value or guiding significance for arbitration practice.

2. The BAC has the authority of final interpretation of the program, and may adjust any of the above arrangements from time to time according to the specific circumstances of the event.

Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center

March 28 2022

[1] College students include Bachelor, Master and PhD candidates studying at colleges both in China and abroad.

[2] The BAC Youth Talent Program is a long-term program launched by the BAC, for the purpose of training the arbitration elites of tomorrow, and cultivating new genius for the long-term development of the arbitration industry.

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