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Foster people firstly and then accomplish everything: the BAC emphasizes conduction first and then action, and regard personnel moral trait as the most important condition for employment and promotion. We are not only legal-affairs persons with occupational quality but also persons who are of independent, self-respect, honest, good-faith, loving, accommodating, industrious and surefooted character.

Fairness and Justice: with stressing on our own social responsibility, the BAC not only settles the disputes fairly, legally and promptly in accordance with the laws but also considers the balance between the benefits of the concerned parties and the social benefits to realize the social fairness and justice.

Pursue Excellence and Not Resigned to Mediocrity: the BAC not only stresses the performance of the institution and the personnel quality but also pursues to make outstanding contributions to the social and be a responsible enterprise citizen.

Being outcome-oriented, and pursuing performance and excellence: the BAC creatively applies modern management philosophy, method and measures to arbitration operation to continue to improve the case handling efficiency. Presently average time that we close the cases is less than 70 days and the number of cases handled by every person per year has been more than one hundred.

The BAC carries out enterprise-style management in combination with specific conditions of arbitration industry and service industry. That is to say, we applied very flexible personnel employment system, stressing the implementation of Come In and Get Out drifting management of working staffs and Up and Down selection standard in accordance with the capability of the staff, which puts an end to the phenomenon of assigning a job in accordance with qualifications and seniority and job post only up but not down.

The BAC emphasizes the application of modern technology and computer management. Regarding the office, we established on-line office and developed instant message system by cooperating with domestic advanced software companies.

The BAC is a learning organization and we believe that the growth of the staffs is the basis of the institutes development. We pursue mutual win of staffs occupational development and the development of arbitration industry. We continuously develop the democratic, cooperative and self-control team management mode and develop the staffs professional quality and leadership, and provide the staffs with diversified training mode, including new staffs enrollment skill training, unit system training, professional qualities training, and training combining the theory with the practice. In the meanwhile, each staff may, in accordance with own hobby and ability, obtain full-scale practicing opportunities, including participating in international seminar, organizing issue discussion, editing and publishing Beijing Arbitration, managing and improving the computer system, etc.

The BAC adheres to personnel reform and fully develops the advantage of democratic management to provide each staff with fair practicing and advancement opportunities. At here, each staff gains others respect and support with their hardworking and ability and he/she has complete right of participating in the competition for leader or elect the leaders he/she trusts in. The BAC posts are open to each progressive and occupational person.